Cairo temporarily suspends talks to normalize relations with Ankara

Cairo suspended contacts with Ankara until the Egyptian demands were quickly implemented, noting that Turkey’s slowdown in withdrawing mercenaries from Libya caused the suspension of meetings with Egypt.

What Turkey must do ?

Egypt has demanded the immediate withdrawal of some 20,000 Syrian mercenaries from Libya, while Turkey has demanded more time .

Egypt is calling for an immediate end to support for the Muslim Brotherhood, while Turkey has simply frozen the Muslim Brotherhood activities .

Egypt has also asked Turkey to stop granting Turkish citizenship to members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt demanded to stop any political meetings of Brotherhood leaders in Turkey and Turkish security confirmed the Egyptian request that the meetings stopped, and that Brotherhood leaders had already transferred their families outside Turkey several weeks ago, and others are still in negotiations with the Turkish government about their position during the next stage.

The sources said that Turkey had suspended charitable activities of Brotherhood members in Turkey until the sources of its funds were reviewed and the Egyptian recommendations behind the decision.

Is Turkey ready to «sell» the tools that used for so long ?

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